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Mods to Avoid

This list is far from comprehensive. There are still tons of mods not listed here that will break your game. This is why it is very important to have some modding knowledge before adding any mods.
Always view every plugin you install with FO4Edit to check for conflicts.

Oversized textures
Based on the object size and how the texture is wrapped around it, you should pick textures with a reasonable resolution and avoid the very big ones also based on your display resolution. Keep in mind that the textures will not be displayed with their full resolution at all times, in fact they will be scaled down because of mipmaps based on distance and other factors, as shown with these sliders. Just for reference, a maximum of 2K at 1080p is a pretty safe bet in terms of balance.

AI-upscaled texture packs
Mods upscaled with AI or other lazy techniques generally are not worth the higher VRAM usage.

Any mods that edit timescale
Vanilla AI packages and scripts are based on the vanilla timescale, and can break and/or run when they aren't supposed to if the timescale is changed.

Sinitar's Modlists
If you have a few hours and want more information about Sinitar's lies, scamming and lack of modding knowledge, check out this twenty-eight page essay that goes into excruciating detail about it.

Completely unnecessary on Fallout 4 and unsupported.

Causes crashes in some locations.

Fallout 4 Official HD Texture Pack DLC
Almost twice the size of the base game on its own, not worth the extra VRAM usage (from around 3GB to 5.5GB on average) considered how close it looks to vanilla.

FPSL - Lighting and Tweaks Performance
Contains many edits that are not related to the mod's goal at all (such as water output from a pump and generator cost), does not really improve performance in any relevant amount as tested here and as a result of using it, light sources will look miserable.

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Extremely bloated and buggy, makes tons of out-of-scope/undocumented changes.

Armorsmith Extended
Old and buggy, not to mention extraordinarily overpowered.

Requires patches with any mods that change/add literally any items, also makes random changes to item names to make them more "realistic" for some reason.

Functional Displays
Causes crashes, you can fix this by deleting everything in the meshes folder except for the Functional Displays folder.

Scrap Everything/Settlement Cleaning Mods
Breaks precombineds in settlements.

Pip-Boy Flashlight
The shadow option from this will severely affect performance.

Damage Threshold Framework
Occasionally causes crashes due to calculation errors.

The Beantown Interiors Project
Breaks precombineds, can accelerate save bloat due to the massive amounts of items in each interior.

South of the Sea
Very buggy and will cause crashes due to deleted nav-meshes. A reworked version is available here.

Bloated, riddled with bugs and performance intensive.

Breaks the saving system.

The MOFAM mod list
Contains various misinformation about things the author does not understand, seems very selective about who to take feedback from even when shown proof.