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Light Plugins

What are They?

ESLs (Elder Scrolls Light Plugin) are a type of plugin used in Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition, they allow plugins within a certain size to have an index limited to 4096 instead of 256.

Mod Organizer 2 will indicate these plugins with a yellow circle in the plugins tab and with an italic font.
ESL flag in MO2's plugins tab

ESL Limitations

Batch Flagging ESL

The following example pictures are taken on a Skyrim Special Edition load order, but the process is identical for Fallout 4.
In order to have more space for non-ESL plugins in your load order, you'll have to make sure everything that can be flagged ESL, is. xEdit can do this natively thanks to it's PseudoESL argument and the SetESL script, which flags everything that can be flagged safely.
  1. If you haven't already, read the xEdit guide to avoid confusion with the next steps.
  2. Add -PseudoESL to the arguments field of xEdit in MO2.
  3. Run xEdit and load all of your mods.
  4. Once loaded, select all plugins on the tree-view with CTRL+A, then right-click and Apply Script...
  5. Apply a script to the entire load order
  6. Type SetESL in the filter and the script will automatically be selected.
  7. Select the SetESL script
  8. Click OK and wait for it to process everything.
  9. Close xEdit, if it asks you to save then that means the plugins listed received the ESL flag.