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In this step, we will install mods aiming to improve the general gameplay

It is especially important to read the descriptions of these mods.

Creating a Separator in MO2.

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator Gameplay.

Complex Vendors

Installation instructions:

Makes most vendors only buy items related to what they sell (for example doctors will only buy medical supplies).

Blocking Overhaul

Installation instructions:

Revamps the blocking system.

Chemfluence - AI Combat Dynamics

Installation instructions:

Enhances AI behavior by integrating two key factors: chem usage and weapon choice. NPCs will not only respond to chem consumption with distinct combat strategies, but also adapt their tactics based on the weapons they wield.

SPARS - Simple Power Armor Reduction System

Installation instructions:

Reduces the frequency of power armors.

DLC Timing

Installation instructions:

Allows you to change the starting conditions for Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World and Vault-Tec Workshop independently to suit your playthrough.

Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth UFO4P Version

Installation instructions:

Prevents radiant quests from sending you outside the Commonwealth.

Encounter Zone Recalculation (Continuous Level Scaling)

Installation instructions:

Allows previously-visited encounter zones to update the levels of the enemies in them as the player levels up.

Who's The General - Minutemen Quest Cleanup

Installation instructions:

Does multiple things:

Molotov Cocktail Nerf

Installation instructions:

Nerfs the molotov's insane damage on hit and removes its stagger.

Legendaries They Can Use

Installation instructions:

Scans the NPCs inventory and picks a random item they already have to slap a legendary on. The item will then be used in their attempt to kill you.

No Sneaking in Power Armor

Installation instructions:

Sneaking is now far, far harder in power armor.