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User Interface

Creating a Separator in MO2.

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator User Interface.


Installation instructions:

HUDFramework is a UI framework that makes it possible for mods to add new UI elements to the HUD.

Mod Configuration Menu

Installation instructions:

Adds an easy way to configure mods through the in-game pause menu.

MCM Settings Manager

Installation instructions:

Allows you to save, load, transfer, import and export all your MCM settings at once.

MCM Booster

Installation instructions:

Reduces the MCM loading time.

MCM Categorizer

Installation instructions:

Allows you to add your own categories into MCM for easier navigation.

Extended Dialogue Interface

Installation instructions:

Removes the hardcoded 4-option limit on dialogue and adds full engine support for any number of player dialogue options.

Crafting Highlight Fix

Installation instructions:

Replaces the full opacity item highlight during crafting with a much more clear outline.

Outline Workshop Highlight Only

Installation instructions:

Turns the building mode shader into an outline-only effect.

Less intrusive tutorial

Installation instructions:

Converts the combat related message boxes to messages. They will no longer pause the game and interrupt your gameplay while in combat. This includes the low on health and crippled limb pop-ups.

Let Me Use That

Installation instructions:

Allows you to use items without picking them up first.