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In this step we will install various tweaks that are too specific to fit any category.

Creating a Separator in MO2.

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator Tweaks.

Unlimited Survival Mode - F4SE

Installation instructions:

Restores the game features disabled in Survival mode, such as fast travel and saving. Fully configurable.

Bullet Counted Reload System (BCR)

Installation instructions:

Allows reloading the lever-action rifle based on the amount of shots fired.

Classic Holstered Weapons System (CHW)

Installation instructions:

Shows holstered weapons on characters with various customization options.

Remove Ammo from Dropped Guns

Installation instructions:

Removes ammo from guns on corpses and adds it to the corpse's inventory.

Remember Lockpick Angle - Updated

Installation instructions:

When a bobby pin breaks in a lock, the next pin will be at the same angle instead of resetting every time.

Less Annoying Berry Mentats

Installation instructions:

Prevents the Berry Mentats effect from highlighting your current companion and disables the effect entirely while your weapon is holstered or you are in dialogue.

To Your Face FO4

Installation instructions:

NPCs will not greet you from behind.

Deadeye Weapon Effect Fix

Installation instructions:

Improves the performance of Deadeye weapons. Adds detailed sounds and screen effects and removes the text message.

Simple Offence Suppression F4

Installation instructions:

Prevents friendly NPCs from turning hostile on you if you accidentally hit them during combat.

Faster Workbench Exit

Installation instructions:

Makes the exit animation for workbenches nearly instant but without any visual hitches.

Dogmeat Follow Behind

Installation instructions:

Makes Dogmeat travel behind you instead of out in front.