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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the guide not clean the DLC plugins?

Cleaning DLCs is not necessary, and it won't lead to any performance/stability gains.

When installing multiple mods from the same page through MO2, should I select Merge, Rename, or Replace?

Read the Mod Installation Instructions section from the MO2 page.

Why do I get a Application Load Error 5:0000065434 message when I try to launch the game?

Run your game directly through Steam once. You may also need to restart Steam and/or Mod Organizer 2. If that still doesn't work, place a copy of your Steam.exe (not a shortcut) into the game's Root folder.

Mod Organizer 2 is reporting that mods in the left pane have overwritten loose files. Is this okay?

Yes, as long as your mods in the left pane of MO2 are in the exact order as they appear in the guide, these overwrites are intentional and safe.

Mod Organizer 2 is reporting that there are files in my overwrite folder. Is this okay?

Yes, generally these files are harmless. They are usually files generated by mods (like configuration INI files) or by programs ran through MO2. These files will still be loaded fine in-game, and will be prioritized as if they are the last mod in the left pane of MO2. Usually, you can just leave these files in the overwrite and ignore the warning.

Why should I not use the High Resolution Texture Pack DLC?

The texture pack DLC provides a very marginal visual increase for a potentially major performance decrease. It is simply not worth the trade-off.

Why are there no big visual mods in the guide? Can I add my own?

The headroom you have for visual mods highly depends on hardware, especially VRAM. Including big mods would raise the requirements of the guide too much to still call it vanilla+. The game can also suffer a lot from replacing assets with mods which are usually loose files. So for a proper visual overhaul you will also need to know how to pack files into archives.

Why do I get a Wrong HUDMenu.swf found error in the FallUI HUD MCM?

You did not enable recommended tweaks as instructed in the BethINI section from the MO2 page. If this does not fix it then you did not disable profile-specific INI files as instructed in the Profiles section of the same page.